rinrei "are you flirting with me"

it’s not very long but i should say that italicized means someone is speaking in english!

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lmao bruh

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i also streamed that drawing and made another speed paint whoops

alright alright alright i gots a new speed paint up !!

this time it’s my love teruteru <3

30 plays!

when im not leon kuwata im chiaki nanami im tellin the truth

30 plays!

sayayayayaka maizononono~

52 plays!

i try my hand as the lovely genocider syo since i voiced fukawa a while ago~

here take this speedpaint i made it’s all i ever put on youtube

leon fire spirit animation test
lmao doubt i&#8217;ll finish it but it was fun to do&#160;!!

leon fire spirit animation test

lmao doubt i’ll finish it but it was fun to do !!

20 plays!
-Say your name
-How did you find out about DMMD?
-Favorite Character? Why?
-What is your OTP?
-Say the following: Master (in Clear’s voice -Masutaaa~-); Erogaki! (like Aoba to Noiz); Fuwafuwafuwa~; Aoba, Ren, Noiz, Clear, Koujaku, Mink
-Which character did you hate at the beginning but love now?
-Favorite bad ending?
-Favorite good ending?
-Least favorite bad ending?
-Least favorite good ending?
-Favorite song from the OST?
-Favorite allmate?
-Most attractive character?
-Who would you not get along with in real life?
-Who would you want as a best friend?
-What was your first reaction when you heard Ren’s voice? 
-What order did you do the routes?

it’s 8 in the morning what am i doing

just gonna color this pic

i also apologize for my music as always OTL

A Bitter Promise

wo w i haven’t wrote a fic in like years but i had this idea swimming in my head for a few days so it a bit of drabble and a bit of crap

hope you like mondoleon zombie apocalypse aus this is gonna get ugly fair warning

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39 plays!

**Danganronpa Voice Meme! 

• Say your name! 

• What got you into Dangan Ronpa? 

• Who’s your favorite character (for 1 and 2)? 

• Why do you like those characters? 

• Say the following: Dangan Ronpa, Monokuma, Monomi, Usami, Makoto Naegi, Hinata Hajime, Kirigiri Kyouko, Nanami Chiaki, Komaeda Nagito, and YOU’VE GOT THAT WRONG (sore wa chigau yo if you want to do both). 

• Got any pairings you like? 

• As this is a despairing game, what part made you upset? Don’t get too spoilery though. 

• Say your Super High School Level ______ name and ollie the fuck out. **

soo yeee here’s this thing owo;;



I still have a few requests left over from my previous giveaway so i’m gonna finish those up

come join if ya want!!;;w;;//

ps: beware of my music i have weird tastes and you might have something better ehehe;;;

STILL HERE!! uwu//